Calculator No Match for Eternal One

  This week an e-mail friend sent an insurance company’s online device designed to calculate the length of the lives of clients it insures. By inputting certain data about height, weight, personal habits and genetic history, the insurance company can determine, in theory, how long a potential customer can expect to live. Poking the buttons […]

The Rain, Rain, Rain Came Down. . .

The first drop hit me on the nose. The moisture surprised me, since I stood in my kitchen watching the storm outside my window mount in its intensity. I raised my gaze to the ceiling and there, in an almost imperceptible crack near the light fixture, another drop oozed its way through. Great. The roofer […]

God is in the Details of Our Lives

 Early last December I learned that the Broadway musical, “Beauty and the Beast” would be playing in our city’s performing arts center the end of February. I knew my daughter would love to see the production and planned to get tickets. But I procrastinated, so much so that when I attempted to buy them in […]