When A Friend Suffers

This week I knew a friend had been emotionally wounded and asked what I could do to help. She lives out of town and I offered to drive there to support her. She simply said, “Pray.” This is a woman everyone should know and have in their lives. If you are living alone, she’ll check […]

Rocks Will Cry Out

 Do you have someone who adores you?    My admirer is black, with medium-length hair, golden eyes and goes by the name Pepper. He waits every morning for me to finish my exercise routine and then watches me sit on the floor and stretch the bones and muscles my chiropractor instructed me to do. As soon […]

Saying Goodbye is Tough

Mary will not be forgotten. Five feet tall, if that, with a crown of snow at  her top, Mary was a powerhouse of positive. She rarely missed church on Sunday and when you saw her she always carried a book in her hand and a smile on her face. Reading was one of her passions, […]