Press Forward to 2012

  I love things that are new. New clothes, new household items, new potatoes, a new Year. As you ring in 2012 with your friends and family, may all the promise the year represents be yours. Every year comes with its own surprises, triumphs, and tragedies, so that when we look back we say we […]

A Teenage Girl in Trouble

According to the dictates of her culture, we know that Mary was a teenager, probably somewhere between the ages of thirteen and eighteen. She lived in Nazareth, a small village of about three hundred, and, again, as was the custom, was betrothed to Joseph, a man older than she. The engagement was a binding commitment, […]

Merry Christmas, Joan

I attended my first Christmas party of the season last night. An annual event, the party is hosted every year by Joan, a woman I’ve known for about thirty years. She and her sister started the tradition together in the 1980’s and when her sister passed on, Joan continued in her absence. She’d first invited […]

Where will you find the holiday?

Have you baked your first Christmas cookie yet? Hung your tinsel? Shopped until you dropped? I listened with interest to a recent radio program where several individuals were asked about their best memories of past Christmases. Some remembered visits to grandparents, others recalled presents they’d received, and still others said they liked to celebrate the […]