Things That Go Bump In the Night

What was that? I sat up in bed.        The clock read four.  I shook my head.                 There it goes, once again.                                              Goodbye to sleep and what might have been.                                                                Here is where my rhyme time ends,                                                                            before mass groaning begins.   I wished that night I could have recalled Paul’s […]

Pursuing the Paths of Pioneers

[slideshow] At the suggestion of a friend, my husband, daughter and I followed the McKenzie Pass over the Cascades Saturday in search of some fall colors. We weren’t disappointed. Quaking Aspens and Vine Maples were ablaze in oranges, yellows and reds. Bracken Ferns were fading as well, their bright green fronds mellowing to a milk […]

More Worth than a Sparrow

This week our family rabbit, a golden brown Rex, developed a terrible sore on his hind leg. To me the sore looked untreatable, and I resigned myself  to an end of the aging animal’s life. My husband, a soft-hearted peach of a guy, wanted to treat the rabbit. When he learned that the veterinarian would […]