Traffic Stops Yield Prayer Power

 Have you ever noticed how much time you spend stopped at traffic lights? The other day I was en route to an appointment that should have taken twelve minutes. I had allowed eleven so I was already behind when I started.  But then—screech, thud, boom—I drove up to a red light. I drummed my fingers […]

Giving God room to bless us

Sometime during the past month or so a tiny snail has managed to ride into our house on my husband’s work boots. The evidence of our tiny visitor surprised me since my husband is meticulous about cleaning his shoes after a hard day working in the elements. He has a special boot brush, a plastic […]

Friendships require forgiveness

A person I considered a friend betrayed me this week.  At first I thought I had misunderstood her intent, that somehow I’d gotten our wires crossed. But as I sifted through recent conversations, e-mails and other encounters I realized that she’d been slowly moving this direction for a while.  As reality raised its ugly head, […]